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Mission statement and aims

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Our Governors’ Aims for the School

Enjoy achieving!


This is the principle that underpins all we do at Thatcham Park. We are committed to:

  • providing a safe and caring community where every child is valued and helped to develop a sense of consideration and responsibility towards others
  • developing lively, enquiring minds and an enthusiasm for learning in a rich and challenging environment
  • enabling children to acquire knowledge and to use it responsibly and effectively
  • developing the ability to question and to reflect
  • enabling children to develop basic skills of literacy and numeracy, and to develop practical skills and abilities
  • enabling children to work as individuals and to cooperate in group activities
  • securing the foundations of a healthy lifestyle through exercise and sporting activities
  • fostering an understanding of spiritual and moral values, respecting other cultures and different ways of life
  • recognising and celebrating the talents, skills and achievements of others
  • educating and preparing children for their adult lives, with a sense of self-respect and the capacity to live as independent, self-motivated adults contributing fully to society