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‘Encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.’ 1 Thessalonians 5:11



Writing statement of intent

At Thatcham Park, it is our aim to encourage all our pupils in developing their ability to speak and write fluently, so that they are able to communicate and articulate their thoughts, ideas and emotions purposefully, according to their intended audience.

We are committed to providing enriching, cross-curricular opportunities to engage pupils, develop vocabulary and master the transcriptional and compositional elements of writing.

We foster pupils' interest in writing and offer a reason and context for writing which enables the children to write for purpose and audience.


Our English writing aims to ensure that pupils can:

  • can communicate their knowledge, thoughts and ideas with  confidence and clarity, distinguishing between the differences of spoken and written language (in an age-appropriate and progressive manner). We understand how significant an impact the gap in vocabulary many children face; therefore our significant driver is ensuring all our pupils have exposure to, and acquire, a wide, varied and high level of vocabulary, providing them a key to success for their future beyond school. 
  • develop their knowledge of genre features, audience, language and effective composition. It is our intention that pupils develop a clear understanding of the writing process, in order to establish themselves as an author in their own right. Pupils are taken on a writing journey which builds upon their knowledge of writing for context and purpose, allowing them further opportunities to immerse themselves in a range of quality texts, extracts, varied sources of information and cross- curricular experiences. Pupils are supported in how to apply new vocabulary, relevant punctuation and grammar, by identifying features of a high quality modelled text, before producing their own writing. We recognise that all good writers edit and re-draft their writing over time, so we want our children to acquire and develop their skills in being able to identify their own areas for improvement in all pieces of writing.
  • understand the writing process, in order to establish themselves as an author in their own right.
  • have a clear understanding of correct grammar, punctuation and effective cohesion are able to spell words by effectively applying the spelling patterns and rules they learn throughout their time in primary school. 
  • take pride in the presentation of their writing, in part by developing a good, joined, handwriting style over time.
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