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Yr 6 Residential 2017

PGL2017 2

What a day! T-shirt weather all day! All of us - yes - all of us have been brave and done the zip wire - fab. Mad times down on the beach: monster beach art, stone-skimming and hunting for treasure and running backwards just for the sake of it games!

After big plates of lunch, archery. If Robin Hood is looking out for new band of merry men and women, he need look now further: we're ace!

Mountain biking has been quite a challenge and VERY exhausting. Supper was demolished with many extra servings consumed. 

A cooler day today, ending in rain. Nevertheless, it's been another action-packed day with even more new favourite activities we can add to our list. If Captain Jack Sparrow wants any further fencing advice, we're the ones to come to: 'on guard, one and all!' 

Abseiling was absolutely awesome, with many of us descending in true professional style (o.k. some of us were less than graceful in our descents!)

Now: onto Dragon-Boat Racing at Portland Sailing Academy.  We set off in three boats into the harbour and had an afternoon of games and races on the water. Brill!

Giant Swing, Street-surfing, Raft-building and disco to come!

See ya soon!

Hooray - we eventually arrived here at 4pm due to traffic congestion on the A31! There were whoops of amazement and delight from all the children as the site came into full panoramic view.

Once we found out our luxury accommodation, we were taken on a whistle stop tour around the site, it was time for dinner. Polished plates all round and DOUGHNUTS for dessert for many - yum-yum. Currently we are supposed to be unpacking, although running in and out of our rooms is more exciting. Soon we are off for our evening activity: Wacky Races. The adults are under the impression that this might wear us out... who knows?

Speak to you all tomorrow. Zip-wire and archery, amongst other fun things then.

What a beautiful day! Whilst two groups went  back to Portland for a morning building and sailing their rafts on the sea, the rest of us have been busy scaling the dizzying (and wobbly) heights of the trapeze; the others will get their turn tomorrow. 

Street-surfing was a blast, as we mastered this tricky skill... a good job we bounce!

Giant swing has been even more fantastic than we thought and the instructors were hilarious! 

Tonight is disco night; we're all dressed up in our finery and ready to dance the evening away! 

After our final morning activities tomorrow, we shall be returning home after lunch. We expect to return by 4.30 p.m (depending on traffic.) We shall ring school to confirm on route.

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