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 'Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you already are doing' 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Year 3 Home Learning

Week 7 Learning

2do’s tasks that have been set on Purplemash.




Find your favourite or new recipe. Practice measuring out the ingredients and then have a go at making it! You could post pictures of these on purplemash!

Complete the fluent in 5 questions attached. (week 5)


Complete the weight and mass worksheets from below. Some are harder than others, so choose which are better suited to you!


Practice these spellings, you could do a speed write (set a timer and see how many times you can write the word), write them in colours or write them into a sentence.

RULE: words ending with a ‘cher’ sound spelt as ‘ture’.

  • Lecture
  • Literature
  • Mature
  • Miniature
  • Mixture
  • Moisture
  • Sculpture
  • Signature
  • Temperature
  • Texture

We have also attached another ‘correct the spelling’ sheet.


Complete the octopus persuasion writing activity. See supporting sheet for more details.


Have a look through the pictures of artefacts from the Stone Age. Have a go at answering the questions. Don’t be afraid to get it wrong, there is information at the bottom you can use to check your answers.


Write a non-chronological report about the Stone age.

You could use the Stone Age slide show and template on purplemash to help you.

We have also attached a sheet to support your writing.


Create a sketch of the Stonehenge. We have added a picture that you might like to copy. You could do this in pencil, colouring pencils, paint, chalk or even college! We would love to see them on Purplemash!



Choose a book you have read during home schooling. Write a book review, to convince us to read it. We have added a template you might want to use.

Create a comic strip, telling a Stone age story that you have created! Add pictures and some writing to tell the story. You could add colour to your drawing and add a cover for your comic strip.



KQ How Hindu Gods represent different attributes?

 Create a jigsaw either 4 or 9 pieces of different gods or goodness that show different attributes

E.g. creator, distorter, kindness, wealth, overcoming problems. You could draw the god/dess or write words or use symbols.

All the pieces put together then show the god Brahman.

Week 6 Learning

2do’s tasks that have been set on Purplemash.



Research a world- famous river. Power point and some information sheets below to help. Present your findings in your chosen method. You may want to publish it on purple mash.

Complete the fluent in 5 questions attached. (week 4)

Create a potion. We have attached a sheet of how you may to write this up and how you may plan it. The important part is measuring out the correct amount of each liquid you choose using measuring jug.

Attached is a multiplication grid to fill in. (You could draw this if you can’t print it)

Open investigation: Miss Pooles and Miss Smith would like a cup of coffee but want the biggest possible cup. Have a look around your house, using a measuring jug to see how much each will hold before you make your choice.

Water safety: See below a power point about water safety. Use this to create a poster or leaflet. Again, this could be on purple mash.

Have a go at the measurement work sheets below. We have attached a knowledge organiser that provides guidance, including key vocabulary.

Complete the measurement challenge cards.


Have a go at the converting measures board game below.

Using maps:

Follow this link to learn about how to use maps. It includes a video and two activities to complete.






Use the attached year 3/4 spelling sheet. Practice writing this out and into sentences.

Complete the correct the spellings sheet.

Continue reading a range of texts. See below for challenge cards with questions to answer or activities to do when reading.

There are also texts available on purple mash to read. Go to serial mash- emeralds (aged 7-9).

We understand that you may not be able to do all the tasks if you do not have a printer which is why we have tried to create a range of tasks.

Please continue to share your learning through purple mash, we love seeing what you’ve been up to!

Week 6 Resources


Watch this clip about Puja.

Draw or write about the way in which Hindu's worship and share it with us on Purple Mash.

Purple Mash

Yr 3 VE Week

2do’s tasks that have been set on Purplemash.



We are going on a measuring hunt!
Find a ruler and use this to measure the length of different things in your house. Which would be the longest? Which would be the shortest? What is the difference in length between the two? See the table below for an example!  

Complete the fluent in 5 questions below and continue with the White Rose maths daily lessons.

VE Day

This week is VE day, this marks the end of World War 2. We have attached a power point to explain more. There is even a quiz at the end of it to have a go at.

Once you have found out more it is time to celebrate! When the war was over there were lots of celebrations, can you create your own mini celebration? There is a list of suggestions things you could do attached below.

Continue to practice your times tables.

Diary Writing

Imagine you were at the celebrations for VE Day. Write a short diary extract to tell others what you did and what you saw.

Who were you with? How did you feel? Where did you celebrate? What did you do? What was the best part and why?

Historical research

Research how people celebrated VE Day. You can present your findings in any way you like, a power point, a poster, a piece of writing, a fact file, a diary entry or any other way you think of.


Can you create a flower drawing using the word flower?


You can!

This is a step by step video guide below to help you create an image of flowers.




Compare lengths

Have a look at the below worksheet and see if you can compare and order different lengths.

Draw lengths

Complete the sheet below looking at drawing lines of a certain length.


Complete the SPAG mystery sheet below.

Continue reading a range of texts. Use the challenge cards below with questions to answer or activities to do when reading.

There are also texts available on purple mash to read. Go to serial mash- emeralds (aged 7-9).



KQ What do Hindu believe.

Watch and read  ‘What is Hinduism’. Complete the tasks and take the quiz at the end. Let us know how you got on through Purple Mash. 

2do’s tasks that have been set on PurpleMash.


We have set a room in 2race for you to have a go at!


We anticipate that a lot of the previously set work is still on going so carry on with that please.

Complete the fluent in 5 questions attached.

Complete the river project attached.

See PowerPoint and website links below.


Which is the odd one out:

An Easter egg, a hot cross bun and a lamb in a field.


Write an explanation for each one to explain your thinking.

Complete the rainbow step by step drawing and hang the finished piece in your window for everyone to see.


The video uses oil pastels but Miss Smith did it with colouring pencils and they work really well!



Continue to practice your times tables.

Write your own story. Use Pobble (below) to choose an image as a story starter then write your own story. You could use 2Publish on PurpleMash to share it with your class.

Rainbow How To

Pobble - picture prompts

Use the arrows to choose a picture and a prompt.

Virtual Science Week

Use this week to catch up on any learning that you haven't had chance to do you.

Check out the resources for our virtual science week and decide with your family what you are going to do!

2do’s tasks that have been set on Purplemash.


Write a biography about someone of your choice. You may want to research them first. Guidance sheet below

Complete the ‘Spring activity’ booklet below. For some of these activities you won’t need to print.

Play a shopkeeper game with any change you might have at home. The children have recently learnt about money.

Create a storyboard, including pictures to tell the Easter story.

Collect some data for example: the different types of toys you have, the different colours of cars, etc. Present this in a tally, bar graph or pictogram.

Choose your favourite fairy tale or story and write an alternative ending.


Use a dice to randomly create 2 3 digit numbers. Then add or subtract these using column method.

Design your own board game. Write instructions on how to play it.

Complete the fluent in 5 questions attached.

Continue to practice your times tables.


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