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'Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are been doing' 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Year 6 Home Learning

Week 7


White Rose daily maths sheets are here. 

JF and HC maths

Use the year 5/ 6 video there is a new one daily – don’t forget your bar models.

Remember you can always go back and have another look at the video or pause it as you go.

Revise your knowledge of percentages

FDP revision also here. 

Then have a go at these, remember to explain your reasoning:




Topic English

Using your knowledge of the Galapagos Islands create an information sheet or a booklet, using the new vocabulary you have found and your Galapagos Glossary.


Art. Learn to draw a portrait by watching this tutorial  Can you add shading to make it 3D? Draw some portraits of your family. You could add colour if you have some colouring pencils or even paint.


Create your own family tree. See how far back you can go. You might like to decorate  


KQ Does art influence a believer’s faith?

Research, plan and make a piece of art that reflects your own beliefs (religious or non-religious) or produce a piece of art for a faith.  Explain the meaning behind your pictures, symbols, or patterns. Or

Why not have a go at produce some art work for the ‘Spirted art’ competition run by NATRE. See web site for more details.


What do you think is meant by inheritance and variation? Can you write a definition for each word? We inherit many physical features (eye colour, hair colour) from our parents and other family members, but our looks can vary within the family too.

Can you work out which child belongs to which parents (picture below) and explain how you know?

Look at your close family – can you figure out which traits you have inherited from which family member i.e. eye colour, hair colour? How do you vary/how are you different?

BIG QUESTION: Explain what you think would be the positives and negatives if we were all the same?

Week 6 Learning

We would really like you to share your work with us through Purple Mash. Use the sharing boards or upload work to your folders.

White Rose Maths

JF and HC maths

Use the year 5/ 6 video there is a new one daily – don’t forget your bar models.

Remember you can always go back and have another look at the video or pause it as you go.

Revise your four operations with fractions http://www.math-play.com/Fractions-Jeopardy/fractions-game_html5.html

Choose the any of the fractions games to play.

How many points did you get in Jeopardy?

Try these remember to explain your reasoning:



Here is a longer one – How long does it take you?



Track Charles Darwin’s voyage of discovery around the world on the HMS Beagle (follow from slide 1 at the bottom of the web page.)

Can you record his route and label some of the places on your map?

Topic English

Learn about the Galapagos Islands and complete the quiz afterwards. What new vocabulary have you heard/read? Find out what they mean and create a Galapagos Islands’ Glossary!


Preview these beautiful book illustrations.

Draw your own Galapagos tortoise or a marine iguana. If you have colouring pencils, or paint, can your add colour, using the lovely book illustrations as inspiration?



KQ How do the patterns and symbols represent Islamic faith.

Read this BBC bitesize article on Islamic art.

Can you find out why Muslim do not have images of Allah in any of their pictures?

Look at some Islamic art especially the geometric.  Can you make some of your own using the DLKL website or your own inspired by the patterns.

VE week: Biomes continued

VE day

Use the VE day section of the website to find out more about VE day. There are also activity suggestions on the year 5 home learning section. Share what you have found out through Purple Mash.


Find out about Charles Darwin’s childhood and early adult life, just up into he left Cambridge University.  Create a true/false quiz (don’t forget to record the correct answers secretly!) Could be a lift-the-flap to reveal the correct answer as a ‘Darwin’s early life’ poster’? Or you can construct a quiz on Purple Mash

JF and HC maths

Use the year 5/ 6 video there is a new one daily – don’t forget your bar models. Remember you can always go back and have another look at the video or pause it as you go.

Revise your short division You can extend this problem by choosing a 2-digit number to divide by and a 4-digit number to divide. Then play Jeopardy to revise your multiplication and division.

Try these remember to explain your reasoning. Remember product means multiply numbers together i.e axb=product.


Look at the different biomes of Australia. What do you notice? Why do you think they have that many biomes? Can you find out some more and compare it to the United Kingdom’s biomes?



Find out what lines of latitude and longitude are.

Test yourself on this game:

Make a Biome

Write the definition of what biomes are. Then produce a handy fact file to accompany your homemade biome (if able to make one at home.) Otherwise, produce a fact file about each of the different biomes researched.


Have another go at drawing a map of the world, for next week! Draw in the equator and label its line of latitude. Draw in the Prime Meridian and label its line of longitude.


KQ How can art communicate a religious belief?

 These are all type of Christian art. Some is very old and some is modern.

Choose 3 pieces of Christian art (these or other examples) and explain what the artist is portraying from their faith?


Maths FH

There are 5 lessons from the week commencing 20th April for Miss Hewitt's Group.

Maths JF and HC

Use the year 5/ 6 video there is a new one daily – don’t forget your bar models

Then have a go at this to revise your fractions, decimals and percentages – who can get all the way to level 5?

Try these remember to show your working and explain your reasoning:


Find out about the world’s different climate zones


How accurately can you draw a map of the world?

Now draw in the equator (straight line!) and label the different climate zones


Try these quizzes - look up your errors in your CGP books and revise.



Listen here:

Pause and make notes to answer these Qs:

  • what is the difference between weather and climate?
  • Why are the polar regions colder than the equator?
  • What happens to warm air at the equator?
  • In what climate region is the UK?
  • Why can local climates be different to climate regions?

Write these out neatly and add to your map.


Revision Books

Keep going with your revision books and paper based work that you have already been given.

Virtual Science Week

Check out some of these resources and design your own virtual science week.


What can you remember about electricity and circuits? Take the quiz:

If you found it tricky to answer, visit:

Lessons from the bunker

Revisit our WWII topic with an online lesson. New lesson every week.


Mayan Art Research

Read meaningfully (if you find it tricky there is an audio version of the text that you can click on) then take the ten question quiz at the bottom of that webpage.

Stela Design

Design your own Stela… to celebrate YOU!

A pupil’s example:


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