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Year 4 Home Learning Summer 2

'Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as you have been.' 1 Thessalonians 5:11


Follow the White Rose maths here.


Purple Mash- Serial Mash - Emeralds

Time Freeze, Chapters 1 to 3

Read through and discuss text with an adult at home

- Multiple Choice questions for each chapter

- Chapter 1 – Freezing Time activity

- Chapter 2 – The Story Continues activity


 - use media you have at home to colour (coloured pencils, pens, paints..)


Read general PowerPoint on Rainforests. It would be great if you did further reading around the topic.

Rainforest Geography

Use an Atlas to label the countries that are covered by the Amazon Rainforest.

Draw and label the layers of the Rainforest.


What is the climate like in the Amazon?

Amazon Tribes

Read about different people who live in the Amazon

 - make notes

Use notes to write different structured sentences about the people who live in the Amazon

[Focus: - extending the range of sentences with more than one clause by using a wider range of conjunctions, including when, if, because, although

- using fronted adverbials

- using commas after fronted adverbials]

Create a booklet about people who live in the Amazon

 - this could be made by hand, on 2Publish on Purple Mash or using Publisher on your computer

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