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'Therefore encourage one anouther and build each other up, just as you have been.' 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Year 5 Summer 1

  • Continue to complete your learning log homework, and your project on your country from North America!
  • Continue to read as many books as you can- write a recommendation for us to share back at school.
  • Continue to practice your times tables and play lots of board and card games.


Over the next few weeks, you will be exploring and writing a narrative poem.

So, this week we would like you:

  1. To find out what a narrative poem is. 
  2. To read and explore a range of narrative poems. There are some great examples on this document. Also, have a look at Roald Dahl’s revolting rhymes. If you don’t have the book, there are some brilliant videos on YouTube! 
  3. Choose three of your favourite poems and:
  • write a brief overview of the story
  • Tell us what features of a poem there were (rhyme, alliteration, similes etc.)
  • Tell us what did you liked about it?

This website has some lovely poems and illustrations!


Head over to White Rose and follow the daily lessons!

You can also have a go at this countdown game.


This term you will be creating a piece of art inspired by artist and naturalist Maria Merian. This week we would like you to research Maria Merian. Who was she? Where was she from? What did she research? –We’d love you to share anything you find on purple mash!
Then choose one of her natural drawings and have a go at copying it.


BIG QUESTION: Does belief in Akhirah (life after death) help Muslims lead good lives?

Work through the Power point and use the information sheets to help. 

Then answer the big question. What do you think?


This term we will be making a movable toy. This week, can you research different ways that toys move – Useful vocabulary ... wheels, arms, legs, string, handle, button, roll, bend, twist, jump, bounce, wiggle, spin, push, pull, throw, twist, tow, wind-up, turn on/off. 

Start to think about what kind of toy you would like to make:- a push/pull toy, a flying kite, a moveable car, a wind up aeroplane, a roaring monster – the options are limitless.


Begin practicing some sports day events:- long jump, shuttle runs, throwing beanbags in hoops etc...

Can you design and make an obstacle course.  Draw it, or take some pictures.

History - The Civil War

This term we are looking at the English Civil War.

Look this sheet of information about why the civil war started. Look at each reason and decide if it is to do with money, power or religion. Then tell us which reason you think was the most important and why.

  • Who was it between?
  • Which side would you have been on? Why?
  • What was life like before?
  • What is the difference between a war and a civil war?

This is a useful website!

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