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'Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as you have been.' 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Year 6 Home Learning Summer 2

Week 1


White Rose maths is available here.

JF and HC groups

Use the year 5/ 6 video there is a new one daily – don’t forget your bar models. Remember you can always go back and have another look at the video or pause it as you go.

Revise your knowledge of area and volume

Volume revision  

Then have a go at these, remember to explain your reasoning:



This is quite tricky but let’s see what you can do https://nrich.maths.org/7535


Did you know, in Africa, there is something called the Big Five? These are animals including lions, elephants and rhino, that ideally you want to be able to see on safari. Currently, there is a vote being held to choose a new Big Five. Check out the wildlife photographer of the year page  and choose your new top 5 – it does not have to be an animal on here either you can come up with your own too. Then we would like you to write a convincing argument as to why this needs to be the new top 5.


Animals and plants are adapted to their environments in order to survive. Link back to your work on biomes. Choose two animals and plants within your biome and explain why they are perfectly adapted to live there.

You might want to watch an episode of Planet Earth or Planet Earth II on the BBC iplayer, with your parent’s permission, to help you.

Some of the key vocabulary you might come across includes: adapted, camouflage, predator, prey, climate and habitat. Look up the definitions for these words and create/add to your glossary.

BIG Question: What is the difference between a physical adaptation and a behavioural adaptation?


I love 2019s winning entry for the photographer of the year; however, I do wonder what is going on. Write a story to explain what is happening in the picture.


Draw your own animals from your biome. If you have colouring pencils, or paint, can you add colour? What about a background?

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