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"Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing." Thessalonians 5:11

Gardening Club

Potato Planting at Newbury Showground

Twelve year 3 children began the morning by deciding what ingredients they would like to have in a potato salad. After a great debate the choices were made and the salad mixed and eaten. There were several children who tried things that they thought they didn’t like and ended up asking for seconds, a great result. We then moved onto a fun activity where 2 people were blindfold-ed and tricked into thinking they were eating flavoured crisp. In fact they were eating plain. They were fooled because things like raw onion, curry powder, vinegar etc. was waved under their noses whilst they were eating, sense of smell obviously playing a big part in what we think we are eating. Next was the messy job of decorating potato cakes with icing and hundreds and thousands. These were then eaten with great enthusiasm.

Lastly, the reason we were there, planting our seed potatoes. Our budding gardeners filled sacks with compost then planted our Rocket and Rudolph potatoes. To finish the day the children, as if they hadn’t had enough to eat, had a picnic lunch and a run around before heading back to school.

Look at what we've grown!

Our gardening club work as a small community to make our courtyard and raised beds a feature of the school that we can all enjoy! 

Year 3 children went with Mrs Fernandez to Newbury Show ground to learn about food and harvesting. 

When we first got to Newbury Show Ground we all sat down and listened to a story that was all about Jonny Appleseed. His name was Jonny Appleseed because he liked planting apple trees.

The best thing about the day was apple bobbing. It was fun because we put our heads in the tub and tried to grab apples with our teeth. Some of us got a little carried away and ended up very wet!

We went to see lots of different vegetables. We were amazed with just how many different kinds there were. We saw a broccoli that looked really nice. Some of the vegetables were larger than the ones we see in the supermarkets.

Next we went outside and went to another tent and we spotted different leaves in the area.

Then we tried different foods – pumpkin soup and apple crumble. They were very scrummy and wonderful.

After that we went apple tasting. We liked this because we got to try different types of apples and they were all juicy and delicious.

We had so much fun learning about harvest and different ways to use food in home cooking. We would absolutely like to go back again.

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